The Discipleship Initiative is an 8 week school dedicated to the wholistic health of individuals, laying a foundation for ministry that flows from an undivided heart. Our goal is to empower students in authentic connection with God and one another. From this foundation of intimacy with God and living in community,  young men and women are trained and equipped to make disciples through various avenues of marketplace ministry.

The Discipleship Initiative is an 8 week intensive. Each day and week will be intentionally planned to allow blocks of time for learning, hands on outreach, prayer and worship, relational activities, recreation and rest. Because of the amount of learning that is to take place in a short amount of time, it is essential that students set aside these 8 weeks solely for the purpose of receiving everything this opportunity has to offer. It is unrealistic to try and balance other part-time jobs, work remotely, or take online classes while participating in the Discipleship Initiative.

- Offer weekly classroom learning sessions
- Provide weekly one on one mentorship
 - Create outreach opportunities outside of the classroom
- Present various opportunities for entrepreneurial expressions
- Schedule community prayer and worship
- Make space for physical fitness workouts
 - Arrange weekly opportunities for adventure/cultivation of healthy relationships
- Encourage rhythms of rest and learning how to sabbath

- Participate in all scheduled events
- Arrive to scheduled classes and community gatherings on time
- Keep a strong work ethic and willingness to show up wholeheartedly
- Maintain a commitment to learning how to slow down and rest well