Our Discipleship Initiative centers around learning to listen to God and do what He says. In order to release God’s kingdom in the world and in our sphere of influence we believe that cultivating a community of wholehearted lovers of Jesus and each other will allow us to consistently catch what the Spirit of God says. As disciples of Jesus, we must give our full yes to the voice of God, submit to His words, and be teachable by both God and others. We believe in promoting vulnerability, humility, and Christ centered community as values for training and equipping.

- Give weekly trainings with staff and guest speakers
- Offer one on one mentorship/discipleship
- Give practical tools that are beneficial in processing emotional, mental, and relational health
- Help identify the root of unhealthy belief systems in order to move forward

- Be open to receive feedback from leadership
- Maintain a consistent willingness to learn
- Model humility and vulnerability conducive to trust in leadership